This website is maintained by Enline Webhosting. This privacy statement explains how Calsito Models handles the processing of personal data of visitors to the website. The privacy statement describes, among other things, which catagoriess of personal data aere collected, for what purpose the personal data are used and to which categories of recipients personal data are provided.........


Information about Calsito Models

Calsito Models is located in Heerlen, the Netherlands and registered under registration number 58030085 in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce. For questions about the privacy statement, Calsito Models can be reached by email. The email address is


Processing of personal data

Calsito Models processes your personal data for the following purposes;



It is possible to purchase via the website, products or services of Calsito Models. For more information about these products and services, please refer to the cooesponding information pages on the Calsito Models website. If you purchase a product or service, personal data will be processed. The processing of this personal data is necessary to process the order. The associated processing operations are permitted because they are necessary for the execution of the agreement to be concluded with you.In addition, your personal data are stored so that Calsito Models can comply with the administrative duty. This processing is necessary for the representation of the ligitimate interests of Calsito Models. The interests of Calsito Models consist of being able to comply with its administrative duty. The personal data will be deleted 7 years after the conclusion of the agreement.



Sending information about products, offers, where it is possible that Calsito Models compiles and sends a newsletter specifically tailored to the preferences and interests of customers. It is possible that you subscribe to our newsletter via our website. You must provide your e-mail address in the corresponding form. If you do not, you can not sign up for the newsletter. After you have registered yourself for the newsletter, your personal data will be processed, so that we can send you our newsletter on a regular basis. These procressing of personal data is possible because you have given permission for this. You have given this permission by filling in the requested personal details yourself. This permission may be withdrawn at any time ( without prejudice to the lawfulness of data processing prior to withfrawal of consent) The personal data will in any case be kept as long you wish to receive the relevant newsletters. Our newsletters contains a link at the bottom that allows you to unsubscribe yourself from the newsletter. Your personal details will be removed no later than 14 days after your registration. Your personal data will only be provided to the party that provides the system for registration and sending out our newsletters for us.



Calsito Models does not use so-called tracking cookies on the website.


Storage period

This privacy statement specifies the retention period of the personal data. If any explicit retention period is not included or it is indicated which criteria Calsito Models uses to determine the lenght of time that personal data is stored, Calsito Models does not store the personal data longer than is necessary in order to be able to realize the goal communivated to you.


Processors and other third parties

Your personal data will not be provided to other parties, with the exeption of other parties if we are obligad to do so on the basis of the law or a court decision.


Your privacy rights

On the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation ( hereinafter AVG) of and rectification ( article 16 AVG) or to delete your personal data ( article 17 AVG). You also have the right to request Calsito Models to limit the processing of personal data ( article 18 AVG). Under certain circumstances you are also entitled to transferability of data ( article 20 AVG) and the right of objection ( artivle 21 AVG). More information on when it is possible to exercise one or more of these rights can be found on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If you wish to make use of one or more of these rights, you can contact us via the contact options metioned above. Apart from the above rights, you always have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.



If you are younger than 18 years old, one of your parents or your legal guardian must give permission for the processing of the personal data as set out in this privacy statement.




This privacy statement can be changed. It is therefor advisable to regularly consult this privacy statement. The current version of the privacy statement was most recently changed on May 22 2018




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